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DO YOU FILE INSURANCE : No, we do not file insurance as most will not cover weight loss visits or medications. However, if you have an HSA/HRA card through your insurance provider this card can be used for visits with our clinic. 


HOW DO I CONNECT TO MY APPOINTMENT DAY OF SERVICE: You will receive a text message from our provider Mrs. Johnson inviting you into a conference right at your appointment time - click this link and it should join you to the video visit. While we strive to remain on time, periodically appointments run over so that link may be a few minutes after your appointment time. Please confirm we have your updated cell phone number when scheduling each appointment to avoid no shows due to incorrect contact information.


MY B12 ORDER HAS NOT ARRIVED YET: The compounding pharmacy that we order from has advised that delivery time is approximately 14 BUSINESS days from when they receive the prescription. If it has been beyond this time frame please call our office and we can check status. PLEASE NOTE: It is patient responsibility to report all address and contact changes by calling our office and speaking with one of our staff members. Updating in the portal will not update on your chart, this has to be done manually by our staff and we only know to do so by you calling. We will not refund orders not received due to demographic information not being updated. The order will have to be paid for again before we can reorder.  


MY MEDICATION HAS BEEN LOST/STOLEN/ RUINED: Unfortunately, the medications we provide are not able to be replaced due to them being controlled substances which are regulated. Please make sure you keep your medications secure in a safe place away from sinks, etc. You can schedule an appointment 5 days prior to your previous prescriptions due date.


​I PAYED FOR A 60 OR 90 DAY BUT ONLY RECEIVED 30: Please note that when you choose a 60 or 90 day we will send the prescription for that quantity with no refills. It is however up to the pharmacy as to how they fill the RX. They may opt to fill all at one time or 30 with appropriate refills. If it is filled with refills you MUST request your refills every 30 days until the full RX has been fulfilled or it will expire and we will not be able to issue a replacement RX and no refunds can be issued for failure to request refills prior to expiration. We have no control over how the pharmacy fills prescriptions. 

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