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Currently serving ALL Texas residents!

Scale and blood pressure machine is required. (Harbour Freight has $13 wrist cuff)

RX is sent to the pharmacy of your choice (Medication price varies by pharmacy)

Consultation Prices

30 Day Consultation


Best For First Time

60 Day Consultation


Savings of $15

90 Day Consultation


Savings of $30

B12 Lipotropic "Skinny Shots"

B12 Injections - Lipotropic 


$85- $100

*Includes everything needed for 10 injections (10 weeks worth) 

Appetite Suppressants

We offer many different appetite suppressants to assist you in your weight loss journey, to include:  PHENTERMINE (ADIPEX), PHENDIMETRAZINE, TENUATE, DIDREX, CONTRAVE and QYSMIA.

  Appetite suppressants assist in controlling your appetite. Through this control you can reduce your portion sizes and make healthier food choices. The appetite suppressant can give you a little boost of energy, in return increasing your metabolism to burn more calories and encourage you to be more active thus resulting in increased calorie burning and weight loss. 

B12 Skinny shots

We also offer B12 lipotropic injections to help accelerate your weight loss.

Benefits :

  • Burn Fat
  • Boost Energy
  • Facilitate Weight Loss
  • Detoxify and Improve Liver Function
  • Reduce Stress
  • Accelerate Cell Renewal
  • Improve Concentration and Memory
Please call our office if you have any further questions. These can be used in combination with appetite suppressants or stand alone treatment. 


There are lots of trendy diets like keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, vegan, vegetarian, and more.  The truth is good nutrition such as  lean meats, vegetables, fruit and eating less calories than you need daily to function is essential for successful weight loss. This will cause a calorie deficit and result in weight loss.  Our clinician, Stephanie Johnson, specializes in weight loss and she is dedicated to helping you meet your weight loss goals


Stephanie Johnson, NP




Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Clinic is closed between 12:00pm - 1:00pm

We do try to make accommodations - Call to inquire

if you require alternative times.

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